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Pearl cotton is widely used and applied
EPE, commonly known as pearl cotton, is a new environmentally friendly packaging material with high cushioning and vibration resistance. What are the differences between pearl cotton and non-woven fabrics in use? Is pearl cotton w...
What role does the pearl cotton profile play in the backpack?
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the industry, with its strong own advantages and environmental protection reengineering functions, it has been applied to various industries. It is believed that in the near futu...
Why deep processing of pearl cotton?
Deep processing of pearl cotton mainly refers to the processing of ready-made pearl cotton materials through cutting, laminating and punching processes into various shapes that people need; such as electrical packaging and protect...
Basic outline of foam plastics
A kind of polymer material, which is formed by a large number of gas micropores dispersed in solid plastics, has the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, etc., and its dielectric pr...
Foaming principle of foamed plastics
No matter what method is adopted for foaming, the basic process is as follows: ① Gas is introduced into liquid or molten plastics to produce micropores; ② Make the micropore grow to a certain volume; ③ The microporous struct...
Main uses of foam plastics
The structural foam plastics developed in 1960s are characterized by core layer foaming and non foaming of the cortex. They are tough inside and outside, high in strength and high in strength per unit mass, and are widely used in ...