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Main uses of foam plastics
  • Date:2020-03-02
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The structural foam plastics developed in 1960s are characterized by core layer foaming and non foaming of the cortex. They are tough inside and outside, high in strength and high in strength per unit mass, and are widely used in building and furniture industry instead of wood. The chemical or radiation crosslinking foaming technology of polyolefin has been successful, and the output of foamed plastics has increased greatly. The foamed plastics made from modified plastics such as blending, filling and strengthening have better comprehensive properties and can meet the needs of various special uses. For example, glass fiber reinforced polyurethane foam prepared by reactive injection molding has been used as a structural component for aircraft, automobiles, computers, etc. the foam plastics filled with hollow glass beads filled with polybenzimidazole are light and high temperature resistant, and have been used in spacecraft.

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