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Why deep processing of pearl cotton?
  • Date:2021-07-07
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Deep processing of pearl cotton mainly refers to the processing of ready-made pearl cotton materials through cutting, laminating and punching processes into various shapes that people need; such as electrical packaging and protection trays, bedding inner parts, toy inner parts, and fine equipment Packaging, food packaging, lining packaging of water entertainment products, etc.;

The production of pearl cotton needs to be automated to improve production efficiency, but the amount of manual operation in the current production method is still very large. In the process of deep processing of pearl cotton, the commonly used equipment includes the following:

Stamping equipment: Many EPE parts need to be processed into a variety of special shapes, and the required EPE parts can be obtained after stamping on the equipment with the planned die according to the requirements.

Slitting equipment: Slitting EPE pearl cotton sheets or rolls to prepare for the follow-up process.
Laminating equipment: The processed EPE parts are assembled and laminated according to the requirements of the drawings to form a complete packaging product.
Modeling planning: Various models (radians, curved surfaces, round holes, etc.) are made according to customer requirements

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