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Main characteristics of foam plastics
  • Date:2020-03-01
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(1) The volume weight is very low, which can reduce the package weight and transportation cost;
(2) It has excellent absorption of shock and vibration energy, which can greatly reduce the damage of products when used for cushioning and shockproof packaging;
(3) It has strong adaptability to the change of temperature and humidity and can meet the requirements of general packaging conditions;
(4) Low water absorption, low hygroscopicity, good chemical stability, no corrosion to the contents, and strong resistance to acid, alkali and other chemicals;
(5) Low thermal conductivity, can be used for heat preservation and insulation packaging, such as ice cream cup, fast food container and heat preservation fish box, etc;
(6) it is easy to form and process, and can be made into various foam liners, foam blocks, sheets and so on by molding, extrusion and injection molding methods. It is easy to make two forming processes, such as foam sheet can be made into various kinds of fast food containers by thermoforming. In addition, foamed plastic blocks can also be bonded with adhesives or bonded with other materials to make various cushioning pads.
Foam plastics have very good sound absorption ability, can isolate sound, film studios and recording studios often use it to decorate walls, so as to control noise effectively.
The elasticity of foam plastics is also very good. There is a kind of soft foam plastic that can withstand 40 tons of pressure. If the pressure is removed, it will soon return to its original height.
In addition, the air permeability, washability and heat resistance of foam plastics are excellent. At 200 ℃, it will not melt; when the temperature drops to - 32 ℃, its softness is still OK. There is also a rigid foam, similar to wood, with a certain degree of hardness, and can withstand considerable pressure.
Because of the above characteristics of foam plastics, its application is more and more extensive, and it can be seen everywhere in the sky, underground water and water.

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